One of Five Lighting Trends To Watch

We’re Spellbound all right. This fixture, perfectly named “Spellbound” is by Corbett Lighting. It’s inspired by 1950’s orbit chic and it captures the modern ethic. It has been used in a dozen ways among our customers already- In a foyer to add drama to the home of a fabulous designer we know. In a sunroom it acts like the sun itself drawing your eye upward as it gently moves on the air. In a dining room it’s surrounded by recessed lighting that showers the tabletop in soft light and lends yet another light source to your dining experience. We love using a modern fixture in a traditional space to simplify the fussy. You know, when there’s so much symmetry to room you feel tied up and tense? And we like to add something modern to a rustic setting for that contrast of rough-hewn and brick with a smooth finish and curved lines. With “Spellbound” we get that sweet spot of art form, light source and energy efficiency. Yes it is. It’s a high-powered and ultra thin LED. So if you want to dim this light, you can. If you want to leave it on (it IS the focus of the room) you can because it costs so little to operate. Spellbound has us all in a Modern mood. Want to try it on? Come and see us.