Appliance shopping. Remember when you bought your cooktop? How would it fold into the vision you have for your kitchen? And, how about the grate? Is the cooktop easy to maintain? What will it be like living with it and using it several times every single day?

That’s exactly what its like shopping for a ceiling fan. Because a ceiling fan is actually an appliance built to run reliably for years and years. How will it fold into the vision you have of the room? Does it add an element of design? Is the finish just the right touch? Does it run with a remote and wall switch? What will it be like running it all day, pretty much every day?

All day, every day. That’s the part I know. You are going to love running it all day every day. How do I know? Every customer says so. “How did I live without this?” “It keeps the room comfortable in the summer, even with the air conditioner turned up to 76 or 78 degrees.” “It’s so quiet. No “thunk-thunk-thunk” noise, no wobble.”

In the winter, with the flip of a switch, it keeps the floors more comfy as it draws the air up, pushing it gently across the ceiling, and down the walls so the heated air is more evenly dispersed. It will be working for you all day, every day.

And we have some really nice looking fans. A fan adds a sculptural element to the room that is so beautiful. Some look like the wings or a bird, another like a butterfly. Sleek to industrial, we’ve got the design, the color, and the accessories you want like a light, or without. All of this for less than it costs to cool your home now.

Hm, less money? Right! Your home costs less to cool because you can turn up the thermostat 6-7 degrees and feel as cool as a cucumber. Today, many new high quality ceiling fans utilize a DC motor, costing much less to operate than traditional spinner fan motors. Add it up and you’ll see why we’re big fans of quality ceiling fans.