From the palest of pinks to warm tangerine pink and rich rose, pink has taken the design showrooms by storm. I love working with pink and not in an ultra-feminine way. Pink is sophisticated, the passion and power of red embracing the completeness of white. It’s friendly, refined, and calming even when you use a big pop of it. When we first saw it appear a few months ago in the fall home décor shows it was electric! And, yes, the guys seem to appreciate its power, too. Where to start? Create a palette of colors then check out our showroom: a pearl grey wall, with white woodwork, and deep slate grey upholstery with pink accessories, from pale carnation to deep garnet. Our lighting brings this vignette to life with bright and shiny nickel or chrome table lamps and a chandelier hung low over a corner table.

If you love a traditional palette, a soft white room with crisp black trim and woodwork grounds the shock of a pair of pink ottomans. Matte black shades on pendants hang in a cluster near the upholstery. We find working with a unique color refreshes the palette like a dish of sorbet between courses. Then, when the lighting is right, that color gets star treatment and accents the crispness of black on white. Bring the blush, it’s trending now.