We’re out the door now that it’s finally spring. After a freezing cold rainy week the sun is shining. Is your chaise lounge calling? You see it in your mind’s eye: a party at your house. You’re on the patio, candles flickering, and slushy drinks at the ready. You hear the cars arrive in the driveway and out front of the house. You hear voices laughing. It’s going to be a great night. Because you, the host of every thoughtful gesture, has, well, thought of pleasing gestures to set the tone: Your house is easy to find because it looks so pretty from the street in the low, late evening light. The landscape lighting is on. From the soft spot lit glow down the front of the house to the up-lights on your favorite dogwood, there is light and shadow at play. The front door beckons guests with its stylish carriage lights. Into the living room and there it is, that lovely wall of windows down the back of the house. And you, beyond the glass, laughing with your BFF and partner in crime.

It’s not a dream like say, space travel. It’s a dream like “I want a California life-style right here in south central Wisconsin.” We can do that. Yes, at Madison Lighting we have made this dream come true over and over again. How? We start with you. You have a dream of how you’d like to live if only your house could be a little more “you.” You bring pictures to the showroom. We get to know you as we get to know your house through those photos. And then, we create a lighting plan.

Great lighting outside involves great lighting inside. A sort of devolving of the walls that create an indoors and an outdoors. This gives you more space immediately. Because visually it brings the outdoors in when you are in your kitchen searching for recipes on your iPad and sipping a latte. Because just beyond that window is the “moonlit” patio seating that hosts some pretty crazy-fun times. And, when you are snuggled up to the fire in your living room while the snow gently falls, the outdoor lighting surrounds you with a sparkling outdoor room blanketed in white.

Back to the lighting plan: what is your style inside? Let’s bring a little of that ’tude outside. Soft, soft lighting that says to family and friends ”you’re here!” We love our night skies so don’t expect it to be lit up like a department store at the holidays. This is shadow partying with light in the most natural way. It draws attention to those arching trees you love in front, and the dogwoods and evergreens that create the boundaries out back.

It’s going to be a wonderful summer. Start here. Then fill it with friends and family.