We spent days at the Parade of Homes in June this year, soaking up all the beautiful homes, inventive décor, new colors (love the orange!) and helping install lighting and ceiling fans. We were lucky enough to work with some really terrific builders like JG Development’s BRIO Design Homes, Hart DeNoble Builders, TimberLane Builders, Alterra Design Homes, Premier Builders, Schwingle Builders, Encore Construction, JM Frederick Custom Homes, and Liebl Building & Design. Their homes were all quite unique but together formed a real parade of ceiling fans. It seems that comfort is catching on. Not to mention the energy savings. The thing we loved most? They selected ceiling fans that made a beautiful statement from a sculpture that echoes other design elements in the room, to combining materials like wood with mixed metals. This fan mixes matte and chrome finishes for a big pop of sophistication in a grey and white master bedroom. Then there was a super high ceiling that vaulted over a curved wood fan. It looks as pretty still as it does in motion. So, tell me again why you want to buy a plain white ceiling fan when you can crown a room with a beauty like this? Yes, we have plain white, but maybe I can encourage you to try something unexpected. There’s a parade to choose from at Madison Lighting.