Pantone’s colors for 2018 are called “TECH-nique,” a palette that pays homage to technology. Colors include bright blue, green, fuchsia, and purple, which are complemented by iridescent tones of turquoise and hot pink, white, and frosted almond. At the center of the palette is Ultraviolet their 2018 color of the year.

A huge and fresh trend, we’re seeing shades of purple from soft luminous plum on walls to deep velvety purple on a sofa. For those living on the cutting edge of color we’ve seen stunning monochromatic rooms over the years and using purple this way takes a deft hand. While we don’t expect to see a lot of purple rooms in our customer’s homes we have seen it already in accessories, pillows, table settings. It can look especially beautiful in the dining room with fresh flowers on the table. The 2017 color of the year was green, and merging shades of lavender, indigo, and smoky ultraviolet with shades of verdant green is a stunning lesson from the garden where purples reign. That’s flowers and veggies, think eggplant, purple peppers, and nature’s tranquilizer, lavender!

After years of living in shades of white, grey, and taupe how do we flip the switch to a life lived in color? With light. The lighting trend that captivates us here in south central Wisconsin is capturing natural light with mirror and embellishing it with sculptural fixtures. Living spaces that we love best are multi-use spaces that let the light flow from one living area to another, and in a region where winter days are short and any day can be cloudy, helping light flow from space to space is an art we help customers with every day. Incorporating shades of a color like purple, or any color you love, could flow like light through your space. From recessed lighting that is dimmed for different uses, to a stunning light fixture and/or fan in the great room to a splendid central light source for ambient light in the kitchen. It’s a new year. Set your creativity streak free and embrace something fresh.