The softest shades of nature. Green that soothes. The blue sky at dusk. Soft salmon rather than strident pink. These soft colors aren’t wimpy, they’re rich and deep, fully saturated with pigment giving it a rich and enduring feeling. We’re embracing color after a long grey spell. And grey itself has warmed to a greige that is a welcome change from stark white walls. Color has come home.

We love this image of a funky warm green covering the walls of a bedroom. We’ve added a modern brass finished light fixture that’s contemporary and cool. And it’s that intersection of nature and modern we absolutely adore. Clean and simple, we bring the outdoors in with color found in nature. Then we add the art: midcentury modern nightstands, a fabulous painting and a wall sconce that not only brings light it’s a piece of art itself.

Follow us through the trends for 2020 during the coming weeks. We’re spotlighting 5 trends, from fresh color to art in light. And come see us in the showroom for more on bringing light to life.