A kitchen that cooks is one that feels like home. Breakfast on the sunny side? Coffee break from your home office? After school snacks for the kids and their favorite study spot? You’ve got it. Light makes time in the kitchen brighter. We layer light with natural sunshine and when that’s not possible we deliver lots of lighting options at your fingertips. When we create a lighting plan (it’s just part of our service!) we start with the way you use your kitchen. From family time, to parties, to actually cooking, each activity needs light to make it feel good.

If you love an island where family can gather casually, you’ll want multiple pendants that scatter a bit of light on faces and foods. Support that light with recessed pin lighting that delivers light right to the countertop. Embellishing your pendants with pin lights makes them pop a bit and creates a halo of light at this special spot.

The best kitchen for the way you live might include a drinks bar for your espresso maker. You’ll need under-cabinet lighting there and recessed ceiling lighting over the counter’s edge, along with space for your espresso maker, steamer, mugs and tools. One kitchen we worked on at the Parade of Homes this summer had its own bar for casual dining and catching the Badger game on TV. That kitchen, by Hart DeNoble Builders, really cooked!

And if you have a table in the kitchen, you’ll want lighting that makes dining there special. We love the mix of materials like this and the shape of a fixture this. You’ll find tons of ideas on our website and a bit of design strategy with our experts in our showroom.

Lighting a kitchen? Reach out to our experts, because every kitchen is unique, and a lighting plan copied from someone else’s kitchen probably won’t be satisfying. Our advice is included in your purchase, with our everyday low pricing. For tips on layering light here are our faves. We’re here to help you create a kitchen with light where you need it most.