Undercabinet Lights help with kitchen tasksWhat’s this funny looking thing pictured here, you say? This odd-looking gadget is the reason I love the light in my kitchen. It’s an undercabinet fixture and it’s gonna change your life. I have one of these under the cabinets over my dishwasher, over my coffee grinder and Mokamaster, over my baking area, in fact, I have these lights under every cabbie in my kitchen. They’re the first lights I turn on when I get home from work in the evening, and the last ones I turn off at night. They bring life to my beautiful countertops and make kitchen prep a breeze. But it wasn’t always this way.

We moved into this old house with a 3-year-old, a 7-year-old and a 9-year-old, just as school began for the year. Soccer was starting, and PTO. We were overwhelmed at work. Every day was a stream of barely holding it together in our effort to make it “a good life.” We were 6 months in when I realized that we were living in the dark. Well, it felt like it. Old, outdated lighting, and not enough of it. So depressing. I started dreaming about showers of light in my kitchen and it was surprisingly easy to get.

Undercabinet lights are flat boxes that disappear under the facing of your kitchen cabinets. Each box has lights in it. Mine have a switch to dim the lights and an off switch, too, so I can selectively light areas if I choose. And they all turn on at the flip of a single wall switch. There are lots of undercabinet lights to choose from and you can start perusing them here. This may be one of those home updates where you need to come to Madison Lighting and talk with an expert about what you want to achieve and have us help you figure out what you need to do it. I have seen a series of small individual lights lined up under cabinets that cast a cone shape of light downward, making the light into a décor element. I have seen strands of LED light tape used, and then there are these more standard fixtures like mine. Once you decide what you want, talk to your electrician. Yes, you’ll need one, but it doesn’t cost as much as you might think. If you don’t have one, we’ll recommend someone.

These lights bring my kitchen to life. They do shower light right onto my hands and the veggies I am chopping. Onto my cookbook. Onto the ½ cup line on my glass measuring cup. As the days get shorter in fall, I find myself even more dependent on them. They make working in my kitchen so pleasant, and more than that, they make my kitchen a place I love to be.