Without a doubt, it’s the most used room in the house. Life happens here: baking to beer making, Sunday night suppers, and school homework along with tear filled moments sharing first date heartaches. There’s comfort in the kitchen.

We meet a lot of families here at the Madison Lighting showroom that are ready to switch it up. The kitchen that was once perfect for two now sees toddler playdates and duplo cars racing across the floor. The kitchen that used to be seamless for making homemade playdough now needs the light for the Pi day charts of the family math whiz. Life changes and the kitchen needs to change with it. Fortunately, we are really good listeners. Because a poorly lit kitchen is frustrating and disappointing, even when you have the prettiest cupboards and counter tops. Helping you light your kitchen for the way you live today is a specialty of ours.

Why do builders always line up recessed lighting over the floor? It lights your back beautifully as you chop veggies at the counter but doesn’t put any light at your hands where you need it. We place recessed light over the front edge of your countertops and shower light onto your workspace. And once you have a single under-cabinet light fixture you’ll insist there should be one under every cabinet. They spill light forward onto the counter making it easy to see the recipe on your iPad, the bowls filled with dries and liquids, and the consistency you’re aiming for when you work that batter. And let’s talk about the island you had to have. It needs light, loads of it! Recessed lighting is a great start but finish your island with a pair of larger pendants that capture the style of your kitchen AND light your daughter’s science project.

Wondering where to start? We’ve got inspiration HERE! Call us for an appointment or stop in our Madison showroom and browse a bit.