Dressing the house for the holidays is so much fun. It could be because so many of the decorations are collected over time, arranged in a new way each year. And adding something special to the collection is part of the fun.

You’d think December might be a quiet time at Madison Lighting but we’re hopping. What’s trending today? Chandeliers! Drum shades, crystal, hand wrought or full of sparkle, everyone has their own version of what the perfect chandelier looks like. And let me say that nothing more completely transforms a dining room like a spectacular new chandelier that you love. This is the easiest re-mod EVER.

Pop in to Madison Lighting and wander our showroom. Talk with a Lighting Specialist because sometimes it helps you to hone in on what you really want. Then pick out your chandelier, and if we have it in stock (we have about 10,000 fixtures here) we’ll put it in your car. An electrician or handy homeowner then simply removes the old chandelier and adds the new one by connecting the color-coded wires. In the spirit of the season and because we simply love them, we hope you’ll donate the old fixture to Habitat For Humanity’s ReStore.

As one husband recently said to his wife in our showroom, “It’s a slippery slope.” I think she decided they were stopping by the paint store after choosing their new chandelier. Happy Holidays!