Our interpretation of Daylight Saving is pretty different from most people. You may think that darkness is part of winter in Wisconsin. We think not! Darkness is part of a poorly lit house and we can fix that!

  1. Start with areas that impact you the most. For many that’s the kitchen.
  2. Identify the existing layers of light. In the kitchen that includes recessed lighting in the ceiling over the edge of your kitchen counters, under-cabinet lighting to illuminate task areas, pendant lights over the breakfast bar, and a pendant or chandelier over the kitchen table.
  3. Recessed lighting is the workhorse. It adds light to your workspaces, ambient light to your living spaces and brings your kitchen to life on the darkest of days. If you like to sit at your island and check your email or search for recipes, recessed lighting overhead will shower task lighting that adds incredible comfort. If your kids sit at the breakfast bar and do homework while you prep dinner, recessed lighting provides a more even distribution of light than pendants. Combining the two, pendants and recessed lighting, creates the magic.
  4. Pendants provide light, atmosphere and style. When less is more, turn on your pendant lighting alone. Use a dimmer to control the amount light.
  5. Under-cabinet lighting is indispensible. It makes your backsplash softly glow and creates task space on your counters. It makes every inch of your counter usable. Without it, darkness creeps in around the edges of your kitchen and cooking is more of a chore.

Together these layers of light will make a huge difference in your comfort this winter. With today’s LED recessed lighting, pretty much every home is recessed-ready. Adding under-cabinet lighting is a routine project for an electrician. And decorative pendants come in a profusion of styles, materials and colors to add to your décor. You can change your outlook this winter and we can help.