In a recent TV ad we said that we carry “all the major brands and the best of the rest.” A customer asked me about that, “what are the rest?” Our team continues to ferret out a slew of wonderful smaller manufacturers and we carry many of their most stylish pieces like BINGO by Progress Lighting pictured here. A few of my favorites well worth exploring include Progress, Troy and Corbett. Progress is a 100-year-old company that’s all about the curve. It’s gracious and fun, and true to its southern roots. Their history has given them insight into creating lighting that also makes a grand statement. Corbett, known for its ARTS AWARD winning style is joyful and artistic in its approach to lighting. Their pendants and chandeliers are at once elegant and not too precious, making them perfect for the way many of us live today. And Troy. Their fixtures are often hand-forged iron, with hand-finished glass. Troy’s attention to detail makes each fixture a work of art with a job to do: making stylish lighting as fresh and imaginative as it gets. Explore these brands on our website and imagine what one fixture could do to a room you are refreshing.