Quality Exterior LightingThe title of this blog pretty much says it, right? Winter is coming to Madison. Days are shorter. Evenings are darker. Do you have enough light outside? When getting out of the car in the driveway, is there enough light to guide your guests to the door? Have you considered a carriage light or two near the garage door? The mixed metal fixtures #ChrisCookHomes used at their Parade Home in June added to the curb appeal of the home and made the trip safer in a darkened driveway. This is a project we can help with, but you should start now. Finding fixtures that enhance your home? We can help. Helping you find an electrician? We can help with that, too.

Wouldn’t a pendant over the front door be welcoming? A post light along the curve of your front walk? A beautiful carriage light at the front door? Or a good looking outdoor sconce next to the backdoor that lights the way when you let the dog out in the morning? We have thousands of exterior light fixtures on our website and hundreds in our showroom. We can help you choose the right size fixtures because proportion is everything outside. We’ll enhance your front door, backdoor and driveway with lighting that looks good. And we’ll help you choose the lightbulbs for just the right amount of light.

Winter will set in soon, but we’ll help you get ready with outdoor lighting from Madison Lighting.