Labor Day is in the rearview mirror and now we’re speeding into fall. There’s something about it that has me organizing closets, shifting into a new color palette, and needing just the right home accent to pull it all together. Forgive the screen grab, here; it’s a little washed out. But it expresses my mood perfectly. Vermilion. Call it Chinese Red. It brings energy and life and I adore it, especially this time of year. Vermilion has been around forever, it was used in art and decoration in ancient Roma, it appears in illustrated manuscripts from the Middle Ages, and in many of the paintings of the Renaissance. In this picture you can see its influence in Chinese art and lacquer ware. It was actually extracted from cinnabar. Depending on how much you use vermillion creates an orange to red tone that varies depending on concentration. So you can mix different shades of it in objects and textiles to create a pleasing balance, like these. Since vermillion has a black undertone you can mix in black and silver for a bit more drama. We have a collection of home accents at Madison Lighting that are often one of a kind and customers seem to really love creating vignettes by adding a piece or two to things they already have.