It’s not actually, not new at all. It’s the same beautiful kitchen we photographed several weeks ago when we grabbed a “before” shot of the kitchen fixture Lanette had come to despise. She called it “the blaster” because of the blinding light it cast. OK, truth, it really was ugly. Hey, we’ve all been there. You buy a beautiful house but there are few things that are so lame you really can’t figure out how anybody would pick them out? So when she and her husband, Mark, agreed it had to go she came to Madison Lighting.

We had so much fun helping Lanette shop for the centerpiece of her kitchen – this beautiful fixture over her island. It was a big decision and Lanette narrowed her list to four options but we knew which one she’d pick.

We arrived a couple of days after the electrician had swapped out the old fixture for the new one. Our photographer, the amazing Shanna Wolf, said, “Did Lanette do a new backsplash, too? Is this new tile?” In fact the only thing that changed was the light fixture but it had a pretty dramatic effect on things. The three lights are circled by a drum shade that sings with the woven kitchen stools under it. The gorgeous bronze finish plays off Lanette’s glass tile and that makes the whole kitchen look refreshed and brighter. Unless Lanette is using her new dimmer switch. She says it’s a gift to the kitchen they love so much. A huge gift. It never ceases to amaze us how a new light fixture can change everything.