Credit: Photo from @elledecor

“Why are my bath and bedroom not the dreamy space I’m going for?” We hear these words every day at Madison Lighting. A master bath and bedroom are really important living spaces and yet so hard to get right. And, when you live in an average-sized Madison area house can you even accomplish this? We think so.

If you love to travel and enjoy a pretty inn or smaller hotel you’ve stayed in some beautiful, welcoming spaces. Admit it, some of those B&B’s you’ve visited have cozy little rooms. Yet they feel…perfect. How do they do it? How do they create a space that feels like a retreat, a tiny bit of heaven, in a normal sized room?

First, find your space- Do you love to read? Do a little journaling? Get dressed up for evenings out? Our bedrooms are used for more than sleeping and carving out spaces for personal moments is part of a design that works. A layered bed. A spot to read. The perfect light to put on your makeup. The place to retreat when the day is done. Make a list:

  1. A beautiful upholstered chair or chaise with a lamp at just the right height for reading. Tucking that seating in near a window is a bonus.
  2. A table for writing or putting on makeup, with a lamp or pair of wall sconces to shed light and bring your décor to that space.
  3. A loveseat with a coffee table for sharing a glass of wine and talking with your sweetie while your teenagers take over the rest of the house. A customer created a seating area like this at the foot of her bed in their longish bedroom. It became a favorite spot for quiet conversations.
  4. A bed that’s big enough. When you both sleep better while traveling than at home you know it’s time for a king-sized bed.
  5. Nightstands with drawers for earplugs, pen and paper, Chapstick. And a shelf for whatever you’re reading now. Are the nightstands big enough for a pair of lamps? If not, consider pendants hanging over the nightstands, or a pair of swing arm sconces over either side of the bed. Lights you can turn on from bed are non-negotiable.
  6. Note I have yet to mention a dresser- do you need one? Maybe you can happily keep clothing in your closet? In a small bedroom if you eliminate the dresser opposite the bed you can put a table for correcting your student’s papers, or create the dressing table of your dreams. You decide.

Once you know how you’ll spend time in the bedroom of your dreams, choose a color scheme. Wallcoverings or paint? Stained, painted or oiled wood finishes? The new soft artisan gold finish or chrome on the lamps, sconces, chandelier and furniture hardware?

There are a million decisions to make, but we’re here for you. As with every project we suggest beginning by gathering photos from magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, and our own inspiration pages at As you do you’ll tend to see some patterns, like the color green, or painted woodwork where there was once stained trim, or beds with canopies. This is the beginning of the bedroom you’ve always wanted, the things you’ll prioritize and the ideas you’ll let go of.

Visit the paint store with your pictures in hand and collect some samples. Visit furniture stores and talk with the sales people. Buying these things online works for some people, but many of us need to see the finish, the details. And visit our showroom for help in pulling all of your ideas together. We can help you add light and create those beautiful spaces. Lighting each space properly makes using it a pleasure. Curating the fixtures is like adding the right jewelry to an outfit. Not matching, but working together in a delightful way.

Next, we’ll talk about coordinating your master bath with this beautiful new bedroom you’re creating. Stay tuned!