With an increased move towards digital work and work from home capabilities across a large portion of the working population, it can be tough to figure out how to best light your space. Madison Lighting’s teams are available to assist you in-person or online as you design your own working space. We’ll cover just a few general jobs and designs to get your brian started, but we are always happy to help you create the perfect lightscape, no matter what your job is!

The first thing to consider when designing your home office lighting is whether you are working by yourself in the office or sharing the space with your partner or roommate who will also be working at home. If you are the sole user of the room, you will have control. So if you like a dimmer, more comfortable space, you can utilize several lamps and accent lights in lieu of traditional ambient lighting. But if you will share the room with another, you will need to work together to create the best lighting for each of you. You may also want to choose fixtures that fit the overall design of the home, especially if your office is in a more visible area.

If your job involves physical writing or artwork, you will want to make sure that you have bright task lighting to reduce eye strain and shadows. Several lamps or spotlights may be the best choice for this so that you can always see what you are doing. However, if your reading, writing, and artwork are done on screens, you will not have as much need for task lighting. In this case, you can utilize a strong and bright ambient fixture to provide you with a comfortable workspace, and reduce or remove task lighting.