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It’s with pure joy I write this post- it’s the spring equinox! The last, long, cold, grey days of winter are past and we’re getting lighter and brighter every day. I love light and there’s something about spring’s sparkling light that’s especially dear. It’s clear and soft, and it makes me want to buy fresh flowers and replace my throw pillows in those amazing new shades of purple so trendy this year.

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From Coco Chanel’s effortless chic to the ultra-modern Euro kitchen, the Black and White trend fascinates us. In 2018 this trend comes roaring in like a sleek black cat with an attitude. Interiors continue to be stripped of clutter but never lose the charm. Like the handmade fixture featured in this photo from our friends at Hubbarton Forge in Vermont. Seriously. “Duet” is handmade, in a forge, in picturesque Vermont.

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A customer told me last week that she was done with the baked potato look. I looked puzzled so she continued. “I love a neutral room but I’m restless, kind of thirsty for color!” She came to the right place. Our showroom is brimming with gorgeous home décor from framed art to interesting objects, and of course, pillows. We’ve infused color because, well frankly, Madison could be the greyest town on the planet this time of year. And the rest of the year, too.

I love fall, but losing light like this makes me feel sad. When I get home from work at night I turn on every light in the house. Just because I work with light doesn’t mean I crave it any more than my clients. And where do we all seem to feel it the most? In the kitchen, hands down. Madison Lighting is unique because we can make your kitchen light-filled all year round. How?