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Bringing the comfort of materials from nature into your home is not to denied! Collecting shells, beautiful river stone, and even sea glass, well, we can all relate. In the last few years, artisans have begun to craft home décor of materials found in nature and we find these items fly off our showroom floor. In 2017, lighting design has brought this craft to a new level with a trend riding a tidal wave, Organic Glam. It’s earth inspired with a modern chic.

I love summer and I also love to sleep. Based on my hundreds and hundreds of conversations with ceiling fan customers at Madison Lighting I know I’m not alone. As much as we love sleeping on summer nights there is something about it that makes our days not quite as refreshed as they could be. Customers tell me it goes something like this: A cool shower and you pop into bed. The sheets feel cool and crisp.

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We love it when a lighting project comes together. It can be putting light was there is none. It can be swapping out existing fixtures for something you love. It can be a mini-reno or a full-blown teardown. It can even be a brand new home. The client is always at the center of the process here at Madison Lighting and we love being part of it.

Ginger Martin and I shopped together at Madison Lighting this weekend. We had so much fun and I think she was surprised at all the ways she could take her screening room project. Ok, a quick update: Ginger lives in a wonderful old home and loves the trend Rustic Luxe. She and her pup, Truman, share a busy life filled with friends, work and play.

When our friend Ginger Martin called and asked us to help with a new project we jumped at the chance. Ginger is that cool girl that could be your new BFF. When she’s not on the air at Magic 98, she’s out in the community, often with her little buddy Truman the Austrian Cattle Dog. She rescued Truman and he’ll never let her forget it. He adores her.

We spent days at the Parade of Homes in June this year, soaking up all the beautiful homes, inventive décor, new colors (love the orange!) and helping install lighting and ceiling fans.

One of Five Lighting Trends To Watch

We’re Spellbound all right. This fixture, perfectly named “Spellbound” is by Corbett Lighting. It’s inspired by 1950’s orbit chic and it captures the modern ethic. It has been used in a dozen ways among our customers already- In a foyer to add drama to the home of a fabulous designer we know. In a sunroom it acts like the sun itself drawing your eye upward as it gently moves on the air.

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The sun is now setting before 7:30. Soon it’ll be dark when you get home from work. As your garden is headed for hibernation this is the perfect time to get landscape lighting and exterior lighting. Warm and welcoming, great landscape lighting gives a completely different look to your garden in winter with, bare branches and then snow-covered shrubs and trees.

If you think ceiling fans should be tucked up near the ceiling and unseen, think again! Today’s ceiling fans are all about décor. The blade style, the motor housing, the finishes, it can all add up to a beautiful statement that’s mesmerizing when you stare up at it.

It’s a trend that’s here and hot. Mixing metals in lighting gives you so much variety, just like mixing gold and silver jewelry. One design trend known as Refined Rustic blends mixed metal lighting with vintage finds like a funky loveseat recovered with linen or a wallpaper style print.

New Trends From the Lighting Shows

We spend long days scouring the shows sourcing new ideas, new vendors, and exciting trends for our customers. A trend that has really taken the industry by storm is Rustic Luxe. Mix distressed woods and other casual materials with luxurious metals and soft materials to create a space that balances comfort and chic. It started in tourism by linking the rustic experience of eco-tourism with luxury. And it’s spreading like wildfire into fashion and home décor.

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Functionally, a chandelier adds "ambient light" – indirect, evenly spread light that illuminates the room. Ambient light adds comfort to the room and makes it easy to see in the illuminated space.

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