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One of 5 Trends We're Watching

Pantone’s color of 2019 is Living Coral, with an organic color from the world’s precious oceans. It could be a soft blush or a big saturated orangey red, coral translates that pop of color you need in a range of shades to work with what you have. 

Sometimes in the evening when we are out walking our dog, we’ll circle back on a path that leads us to our front door. Last fall we swapped out the carriage lights at our front door and added a post light on the curving walk that leads to the entrance from the driveway. It’s funny what a change those new lights make to the curb appeal. They are a bit larger than the old ones. Less like an afterthought and more like a gentle beacon.

One of the prettiest rooms I have ever seen was a lush living room in a luxury apartment. In the heart of Palm Beach, Florida, the monochromatic room was done in a shade I could only call cantaloupe. Upholstered walls. A touch of gold metal in the lighting and accessories. And yet it was not ostentatious. It was breathtaking. Talk about the deft hand of a designer. The room was a masterpiece, loaded with lessons for a woman that loves light.

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Modern Farmhouse? Like that’s a trend! A crazy oxymoron? Not at all. This trend is big from coast to coast. The Farmhouse is all about Americana, from a screen door that snaps shut to galvanized steel light fixtures. Some our first social media photos at Madison Lighting were taken in a fabulous barn rehab with soaring ceilings and skylights, deep country upholstery and rag rugs.

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What is the deal with this weather? A couple of days ago it failed to hit 69 degrees in Madison WI and now, whew! Hot. Humid. And as one client told me, “mama wants something that moves the air and our big box store fan is not doing it.” I think of a ceiling fan as part of our summer survival gear in south central Wisconsin. Right up there with flip-flops and icy cold lemonade.

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From the palest of pinks to warm tangerine pink and rich rose, pink has taken the design showrooms by storm. I love working with pink and not in an ultra-feminine way. Pink is sophisticated, the passion and power of red embracing the completeness of white. It’s friendly, refined, and calming even when you use a big pop of it. When we first saw it appear a few months ago in the fall home décor shows it was electric! And, yes, the guys seem to appreciate its power, too. Where to start?

Low voltage lighting is a simple way to guide family and friends to your door. How can you create a welcoming path? Here’s my step by step with tips nobody tells you.

One of Five Lighting Trends To Watch

The French have it all figured out. Beautiful objects in a simplified space with something super rustic that looks like it’s been loved and admired for generations. It’s a rustic vibe at home in a grand space so we call the trend Refined Rustics. Frankly, perhaps best said, it’s where rustic meets upscale. This trend is all about comfort and luxury.  Antique and weathered finishes. And a sunbaked color palette not pastel but muted colors as though faded.

Even with the air conditioning running customers tell me they can’t get comfortable, are more wakeful, and just kind of miserable trying to sleep at night. It seems that a ceiling fan in the bedroom is a comfort a lot people just won’t do without. They don’t care about the energy savings as much when it’s this hot and humid. But we do.

We would know it’s summer even if it wasn’t glorious outside. It’s really ceiling fan season. Seems like every customer has a horror story about their old ceiling fan, and it’s always a tale from the big-box store. Noisy. Wobbly. The finish peeled off.

This Middleton Hills, Middleton WI home boasts an amazing location, totally walk-able, with a neighborly lifestyle. That being said, because the homes are situated so close together this home has clerestory windows. They let in light without opening the rooms to the neighbors. The owner uses the found space below the windows for their art collection.

In a recent TV ad we said that we carry “all the major brands and the best of the rest.” A customer asked me about that, “what are the rest?” Our team continues to ferret out a slew of wonderful smaller manufacturers and we carry many of their most stylish pieces like BINGO by Progress Lighting pictured here. A few of my favorites well worth exploring include Progress, Troy and Corbett.