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We’re done with it. Done with the idea that a cheap knock off is going to “spark joy.” Oh yes, we’ve been watching Marie Kondo on Netflix! And in a moment that did spark joy, we decided to buy only what we really love. It’s a lesson I’m taking from many of the millennials we help through the lighting process here at Madison Lighting. They’ll search out the perfect piece for their space, save for it, and acquire it. Boom. No settling for a knock-off version with less presence and detail.

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After a winter of cabin fever, we burst outside in summer. Morning coffee on the deck. Sweetcorn suppers on the porch. A glass of wine with the neighbors under the stars. There’s only one tiny little issue and after the rotten winter we just had I hate to even mention it. But, there are these Wisconsin summer days when the air does not move. It lays on us like a damp blanket, all stuffy and sticky.

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If you love the beaches when you travel, from Hawaii to California, and Maine to Door County, you’ve probably brought the beach home with you. We saw that coastal living trend last year in décor and lighting. This season, we’re riding a wave that’s making the beach life all American. Simple, natural elements, without the tchotchkes that clutter every beach condo and hotel room.

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We’re in the kitchen again! The temps cool down, the kids go back to school, and the urge to cook comforts like a mug of cider with a cinnamon stick. Now that you’re spending more time in the kitchen the soul of your home might need a mini-makeover. And we suggest you start with lighting. Lighting is a fashion statement and when it’s trend is over, turn the page. Make your kitchen a fun space that you’ll love. Here’s a trend you’ll love.

If you love discovering new places, and the fabric of their everyday life, chances are you’ve thought of a trip to Stockholm. I know I have. The beauty of a modern city, that looks like a classical painting from some vantage points, is simply intriguing. It’s that confluence of old and new, mid-century modern and old European luxury, that is just intriguing. Pickled floors, silvery soft-colored walls, elegant woodwork, and stunning lighting. How do they brighten up at home?

Living in a house with teenage boys? With fingerprints over the doorways from ‘dunking’ as they hustle through, to laundry baskets of dirty athletic-wear, your bathroom remodel is all about “the essentials.” You need cabinets that can take it, a shower built for their 6’3” frames and size 12 feet, bins for the (endless) laundry, and light.  Light over the mirror, over the shower, and yes, over the toilet.

This trend is cool: the modern cabin is rustic luxe, masculine and stripped of the stuff. Easy on the eyes. A massive repurposed wood table would handle dining, family board games, and the occasional poker tournament. The lighting? Elegant in it’s simplicity. The bedroom could shimmer with dark pewter walls and a vintage-look chandelier over the bed.

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A couple of weeks ago when a couple told us, “We want to make a beautiful space to create a bountiful buffet, and (the wife added) I want it to look like a magazine,” you can imagine the excitement. Out came the photos of her space, her Pinterest pics, paint colors, and her wishes for the drama of lighting this holiday season. As we explored her ideas we discovered that this couple eats their supper off trays in front of the TV most evenings.

Lighting the front door? It welcomes visitors and ensures you can see your property well enough to view incoming visitors, welcomed or not. A well-lit house is a more secure house; ask any single living in the city today. But style is not lost to security. This photo illustrates my point perfectly: Look at the size of the light by the front door.

It’s hard to believe but has it been a decade since you redecorated the bath? The towels are tired, the wall color is faded, and yes, you long for a bathroom that’s a bit more spa-like. (A spa-like bath might not have occurred to you 10 years ago even if your lav is on the small side compared to the glorious bathrooms featured in shelter magazines!) Well let’s get real. You have a regular house, a bit of a budget, and want something short of a total redo?

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