Madison Wisconsin best lighting


We’re in the kitchen again! The temps cool down, the kids go back to school, and the urge to cook comforts like a mug of cider with a cinnamon stick. Now that you’re spending more time in the kitchen the soul of your home might need a mini-makeover. And we suggest you start with lighting. Lighting is a fashion statement and when it’s trend is over, turn the page.

Gathering family together? It’s what we do. Family suppers, in the kitchen on a weeknight, after soccer and before homework, we talk about our day. Sometimes the kids are bubbling with chatter and sometimes I wonder if they’ll conk out before we clear the dishes.  But one thing is constant; even the littlest family member looks forward to our family suppers.

I love fall, but losing light like this makes me feel sad. When I get home from work at night I turn on every light in the house. Just because I work with light doesn’t mean I crave it any more than my clients. And where do we all seem to feel it the most? In the kitchen, hands down.

It’s not actually, not new at all. It’s the same beautiful kitchen we photographed several weeks ago when we grabbed a “before” shot of the kitchen fixture Lanette had come to despise. She called it “the blaster” because of the blinding light it cast. OK, truth, it really was ugly.

Our interpretation of Daylight Saving is pretty different from most people. You may think that darkness is part of winter in Wisconsin. We think not! Darkness is part of a poorly lit house and we can fix that!

A full renovation of a bathroom can easily run thousands of dollars. Fortunately, most bathrooms only require a thoughtful refresh if the fixtures and tile are sound. With some clever planning a bathroom can take on a completely new look without replacing the tile and tub. We’ve helped countless customers redo a home bathroom with new lighting and mirrors.

It never gets old. Walk into a room and look! Someone used light in a new way!  As lighting geeks we love new ideas. Like a sparkling crystal fixture hung outside the master bedroom door in this magical home built by Premier Builders in Waunakee.

A moment that thrills? How about walking into a home craft/office/laundry room and seeing this fixture? We were enlightened by the use of a very contemporary fixture in a room that’s completely utilitarian. Bold! And we like that because it’s your home, and we want you to enjoy being in every room. So should you have an old-school fluorescent tube fixture in your laundry room?