Madison Wisconsin best lighting


I love summer. I love sweet corn and strawberries. I love lazy weekend evenings at home after a satisfying day in my garden. I sit on our porch, feet up, listening to the birds, and feeling the gently cooling breeze of my ceiling fan.

Summer is a breath away. A close, warm, and possibly humid breath. Bedrooms get so stuffy in summer, don’t they?! At a time of day when I want to sleep comfortably on cool sheets, windows open, crickets chirping, I get restless sleep and wake up to close the windows and turn the AC on. Crabby? You got it! 

Lovin’ summer in south central Wisconsin. We really shine in the heat of summer with cookouts, deck-time, and sleeping with the windows open. Of course when it gets really hot there’s always the air conditioner. But what if you could sleep with the windows open and still be comfortable in a Wisconsin heat wave?

Appliance shopping. Remember when you bought your cooktop? How would it fold into the vision you have for your kitchen? And, how about the grate? Is the cooktop easy to maintain? What will it be like living with it and using it several times every single day?

We spend a lot of time with customers talking CFM’s and airflow. Because getting it right means that you can turn up your thermostat and be every bit as comfortable in the hottest days of summer, to say nothing of warmer floors in winter with the flip of a switch.

I love summer and I also love to sleep. Based on my hundreds and hundreds of conversations with ceiling fan customers at Madison Lighting I know I’m not alone. As much as we love sleeping on summer nights there is something about it that makes our days not quite as refreshed as they could be.

What is the deal with this weather? A couple of days ago it failed to hit 69 degrees in Madison WI and now, whew! Hot. Humid. And as one client told me, “mama wants something that moves the air and our big box store fan is not doing it.” I think of a ceiling fan as part of our summer survival gear in south central Wisconsin. Right up there with flip-flops and icy cold lemonade.