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Here comes the sun. We’re gaining daylight. I love putting the kids to bed in the twilight, and then heading out on the deck for a glass of wine and a catch-up from our day. I know my husband has not forgotten his promise to me: I want more light outside. That long winter was dark, icy, cold.

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting creates effects in your landscape and welcomes people to your home. We’ve gathered together some of our favorite techniques with illustrations to help you on your way to lighting the exterior of your home as beautifully as the interior. A couple of tips? 1. A little light goes a long way outdoors.

Low voltage lighting is a simple way to guide family and friends to your door. How can you create a welcoming path? Here’s my step by step with tips nobody tells you.

Even the smallest yard becomes a garden, a terrace, a secret evening getaway when we incorporate light into the landscape. The secret? It’s not the light, it’s the shadows. Or perhaps I should say the contrast between light and dark.

We’ve been waiting for this moment since November. But where do you start creating a space outside that is comfy and fun to use as your home inside? First decide how you’ll use the space: dining vs. cocktails, a fire pit vs. a café? Dive into, Pinterest, and Houzz for inspiration. Soon all the pieces will begin to fit. Here’s a start.

Growing up we didn’t have central AC. Mom and Dad had a room air conditioner in their bedroom, but there were fans everywhere else. And most nights we ate dinner on the porch because the breeze cooled us. We dined out there in the dog days, too, when the air didn’t move. That porch got our family “away” each evening, if just for a little while.

While exploring Madison’s Regent and University Heights neighborhoods this week we found ourselves simply speechless at the beauty of tradition. Old school? Yes. Unique? YES! We have just wrapped up photographing the new Parade of Homes for these pages and it hit us while surrounded by Madison’s older homes: we love some traditional touches at every home especially exterior lighting fixtures.

Screen porch living. A lovely breeze. Shelter from the mosquitos. A lazy afternoon listening to the birds. A late supper after dark. A fierce game of UNO with the kids before bed.

In Wisconsin, the exterior of our homes takes such a beating from the weather. Every day we help customers replace big-box store exterior light fixtures with something a bit more substantial because after just a season or 2 they look awful, and worse, they fail.

When steps are used to access the home, a wonderful technique called step lighting can be used. First and foremost step lighting is used for safety, especially in our climate when ice can be lurking on every tread.