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2019 Trends

If you asked a lighting designer what their go-to lighting fixture would be, there’s no doubt it would be a pendant. Light over a tiny nightstand? Light over a deep seating area that invites conversation? Light over the kitchen table where you sip coffee and check your Instagram feed? The answer is a pendant (or 3!)   

A delicate poof of the palest gold floats over a dining table bringing delicate free form leaves and glass into the conversation. This gift of art and light is finding a big following as the trend toward living with fewer, more important pieces simply blossoms. It’s a new minimalism that brings art home.

We’re done with it. Done with the idea that a cheap knock off is going to “spark joy.” Oh yes, we’ve been watching Marie Kondo on Netflix! And in a moment that did spark joy, we decided to buy only what we really love. It’s a lesson I’m taking from many of the millennials we help through the lighting process here at Madison Lighting.

Pantone’s color of 2019 is Living Coral, with an organic color from the world’s precious oceans. It could be a soft blush or a big saturated orangey red, coral translates that pop of color you need in a range of shades to work with what you have.