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Without a doubt, it’s the most used room in the house. Life happens here: baking to beer making, Sunday night suppers, and school homework along with tear filled moments sharing first date heartaches. There’s comfort in the kitchen.

It’s with pure joy I write this post- it’s the spring equinox! The last, long, cold, grey days of winter are past and we’re getting lighter and brighter every day. I love light and there’s something about spring’s sparkling light that’s especially dear.

Gathering family together? It’s what we do. Family suppers, in the kitchen on a weeknight, after soccer and before homework, we talk about our day. Sometimes the kids are bubbling with chatter and sometimes I wonder if they’ll conk out before we clear the dishes.  But one thing is constant; even the littlest family member looks forward to our family suppers.

I love fall, but losing light like this makes me feel sad. When I get home from work at night I turn on every light in the house. Just because I work with light doesn’t mean I crave it any more than my clients. And where do we all seem to feel it the most? In the kitchen, hands down.

We can help you create environments with lighting throughout your new home. Blending natural light with manmade, setting the mood in each space, functional lighting that makes everyday tasks a pleasure; we’ve done that and a lot more for thousands of customers. Here’s our how to.

It’s a big trend in kitchen lighting at Madison Lighting, non-traditional fixtures that illuminate you and your kitchen’s personality.  A chandelier over a kitchen table, or a pair of

They call it form, functional, and flexible, we call it a must-have. The kitchen is probably the busiest room in the house and whether you are prepping dinner, making an online dinner reservation, or checking your kids homework, you’ll find your well-lit kitchen counter handles it all with aplomb. Here the light was layered beginning with recessed lighting in the ceiling.