Madison Wisconsin best lighting

Innovative Metals To Light

A delicate poof of the palest gold floats over a dining table bringing delicate free form leaves and glass into the conversation. This gift of art and light is finding a big following as the trend toward living with fewer, more important pieces simply blossoms. It’s a new minimalism that brings art home. We are in awe of the artisans at Hubbarton Forge in Vermont where fixtures like this one are made by hand. Using a mix of metals, with the natural world as inspiration, these artists embed LED light to create a play between shadow and light. 

When less is more in the home every piece is chosen for its form and function. In lighting, your chosen piece might be a sculptural bird in flight, fluttering gently over your kitchen table. Or that same piece soaring over a conversation area to draw the eye up and enhance architectural ceilings. Each installation places value in combining art and light. It reminds us of a late evening stroll through Olbrich’s Gleam, the light-as-art event held each fall at Madison public gardens. We stroll quietly through the gardens under darkening skies and into the light of a piece of art nestled into the landscape. Your heart sort of flutters at that subtle dialogue between two subjects so close to the human heart. Art and light.