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Curate Your Own Space

With design expertise from Certified Lighting Specialists at Madison Lighting you’ll bring light to the way you live. Lighting is so individualized to its space that a pro’s help can make it a place you want to be. In 3 steps you’ll find your design focus and discover the right light.

1. How do you use your space?

  • Our expertise helps you pull together your ideas from shelter magazines, Instagram, and Pinterest. We’ll help you crystalize how you use the room now, and how you’ll use it a few years from now.
  • Every space is unique. Dive into our website to find ideas that would be unique to your space.
  • Start a Wish List at
  • Take photos of your spaces. Compare them with photos of spaces you love.
  • Starting to see similarities? Now’s the time to choose a vibe, a style for your new space, and edit out the rest.
  • Do you need to increase the lighting in some areas?
  • Do the materials, lamps, and fixtures work together or fight with each other?

2. Make an Appointment

  • We’ve been doing this for 30+ years and have that depth of knowledge you need. Request an appointment or call us at (608) 504-3861.

  • All our designers are ALA certified lighting designers who are on the cutting edge of what is new and trending in the lighting industry.

  • Our designers listen, ask questions, and work through your pictures and ideas with you.

  • Every situation is unique but our designers are well versed in coming up with creative solutions for even the most challenging of situations.

  • Need a lamp or a complete lighting makeover? We’re here for you.

Madison Lighting offers free lighting design

3. Visit Us

  • Shop our showroom, see a fixture close up, stand back and imagine it in your space.
  • We use color, texture, trends, proportion, and technology to help you in your design process.
  • Adding lighting or ceiling fans may require an electrician. We work with them, too!

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