Just Flip the Switch!

Where would we be without air conditioning in our hot and humid Wisconsin summers? But what if you could raise the thermostat setting on your AC about 6°F with no reduction in comfort? And during moderately hot weather you could avoid using your air conditioner altogether? Your appropriately sized ceiling fan will help you cool a room during hot weather conserving energy and lowering power bills all summer long. That’s comfort and savings.

Now what about warming a room in cold weather? That same ceiling fan can help create a warming effect as well. Look up and you’ll see a tiny switch on your fan. Flip that switch and your fan’s blades will operate in reverse (clockwise). When operated on a low speed, your ceiling fan creates a gentle upward draft, circulating the warmer air that hovers at the ceiling down into the room.

Used each day, your ceiling fan becomes a very smart investment that pays you back in comfort and savings every day of the year.