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A great lamp doesn’t even have to be turned on to brighten a room. Sculptural, beautifully finished, displayed at the right height, a lamp glows with personality and well, light. Best of all? It’s portable. Refresh a room simply by moving a lamp and let it’s light accent another area of a room. Madison Lighting carries thousands of table lamps and floor lamps online, and displays hundreds in our Madison WI showroom. Table lamps, floor lamps, accent lamps and torchieres. Contemporary to Craftsman, from 6” in height to 6’ plus.

Floor lamps are called into use in small spaces where there’s no room for a table and lamp. Tucking a floor lamp behind a sofa adds height and balance to a room. It offers task light in the center of a room where there isn’t enough light, a common problem in our Madison WI area homes. Floor lamps are remarkably portable and can be moved easily. We have floor lamps with silk shades and linen shades, glass shades and metal shades in a variety of styles and finishes. A torchiere is a floor lamp that casts light up toward the ceiling rather than down toward your book or TV tray. The torchiere is all about drama. Splash light up to draw the eye up. Light a unique ceiling, interesting woodwork, or a dark corner to open up a room.

Table lamps are used for accent and task lighting. They come in a startling array of sizes, shapes, styles and finishes, and frankly we feel we have the best selection of table lamps in Wisconsin. We work with dozens of interior designers that use lamps as art, as accent, as focal point and gathering point in rooms. And our Certified Lighting Consultants go several steps further to help you select lamps that are truly useful. Lamps belong in every room in the house. You’ll find shopping for lamps is a rewarding adventure in our Madison showroom and online.

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Table lamps and floor lamps only at Madison LightingTable lamps and floor lamps only at Madison LightingTable lamps and floor lamps only at Madison Lighting