Sizing Your Ceiling Fans

Having the right ceiling fan can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, as well as promoting proper airflow all year round. The size of fan you need is determined by the square footage of the room, along with how high the ceiling is. Our team can help you find the proper blade span based on the dimensions of the room, and will recommend whether you need a low-profile, or hugger, fan, or if a fan with a downrod is a better choice.

Ceiling Height and Fan Downrods

Standard ceiling height in many homes is eight feet. For rooms with a ceiling lower than that, a hugger fan is often best. That way, the fan isn’t hanging down into the room, creating a visual or physical obstruction. If your ceilings are eight feet or higher, using a downrod will help bring the fan away from the top of the room and benefit your air circulation.

When choosing a downrod, it’s best to have six inches for every foot of ceiling height. For example, if you have a nine-foot ceiling, typically a six-inch downrod will be the best option. That way, the fan is situated between eight and nine feet off the floor. If your ceiling is 10 feet high, add six more inches to the downrod length, giving you a 12-inch drop. Should your ceilings extend more than 10 feet, we’ll gladly discuss the right choices for your new fan downrods. If you have a sloped ceiling in your living room, we can help with that as well.

Calculating Blade Span

Blade span refers to the diameter that is created by the fan blades when they are rotating. If you’ve noticed that a certain room doesn’t seem to be cooling down like it should in the summer while the fan is on, the problem could be blades that are too small. Upgrading to a new fan with bigger blades could remedy the issue. The size of blades you’ll need will be determined by the square footage of the room.

You can measure your current fan blades and see if they’re the right size. For fans with an odd number of blades, measure from the middle of the fan to the tip of one blade and multiply that number by two. For fans with an even number of blades, simply measure from the tip of one blade to the tip of the opposite blade. Once you have those measurements, we can help you determine if your fan has blades of the right size, or if it’s time to upgrade.

For smaller rooms, such as those that are less than 100 square feet, the recommended blade span is approximately 30 to 44 inches. The blade span will, of course, increase as you go beyond 100 square feet, and if you have a room that’s 400 square feet or more, you might consider installing at least two ceiling fans for proper airflow. The same is true for any long, rectangular area, such as a hallway or covered porch, that’s more than 300 square feet. Our showroom has fans for every space, no matter the size.

Residential Ceiling Fans

There are many rooms in your home that can benefit from a new ceiling fan. At Madison Lighting, we can help you find the right option for any space.

Great Room Ceiling Fans

The great room is where you gather as a family to watch TV, play games, and spend quality time together. Depending on how large the room is, you’ll likely need a bigger ceiling fan to keep the space cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Your great room’s ceiling height may be more than eight feet, and we can help you find the right downrod for your new fan. If you have vaulted or sloped ceilings, we can provide the best recommendations for those somewhat challenging scenarios. A new great room fan can bring more comfort to the space, and can prove invaluable when you have lots of people over for a party or to watch the game. We’d love to help you find the right fixture at the right price.

Bedroom Ceiling Fans

If you’re someone who sleeps with the ceiling fan on for most of the year, it’s important to have a fixture that will run quietly and smoothly at all times. Most bedrooms range between 150 and 250 square feet, so a fan with a blade span of 40 to 56 inches should be a good choice. We can also help you find a fan with the proper CFM rating, which refers to the cubic feet of air per minute a fan can move. A higher CFM rating will mean more air movement, which can be ideal for your bedroom.

Home Office Ceiling Fans

Your home office may not be a large space, but you still use it on a regular basis. If you work from home, you’re in there every single day, and a new ceiling fan can be the perfect addition. You might have converted a spare bedroom into an office, and there may already be a fan in the space. We can help you find a new fixture that’s the proper style and size for a home office. Fans with a reversing function are often preferred in office spaces due to their ability to provide air circulation while not blowing around your paperwork. We can also recommend the best ceiling fan light kit to help with productivity and efficiency.

Bathroom Ceiling Fans

It’s not too common to find a ceiling fan in a bathroom, but there are some spaces that can benefit from one. A large master bath may have plenty of room and a high ceiling that make it ideal for a fan. When paired with the ventilation or exhaust fan, the ceiling fan can keep air moving inside the bathroom, helping to clear away any excess heat or moisture. As for the size of ceiling fan, square footage is once again the determining factor, and we can help you find the best fixture based on the dimensions of your bathroom.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor fans are key in the summertime, especially as you and your family or friends gather on your covered porch or patio. Multiple fans along the length of the front porch can be aesthetically pleasing, while also keeping everyone cool during those hot Wisconsin summers. If you have a covered deck or patio in the backyard, adding a fan or two can help combat the heat and humidity during the warmer months of the year.

Ceiling fans can also be beneficial in the garage, should you use the space for working on cars or completing household projects. Areas that don’t have air conditioning become much more comfortable with the right ceiling fan. You can choose a larger fan for the garage, since the square footage is likely between 300 to 400 square feet, if you have a standard two-car garage.

Commercial Ceiling Fans

At Madison Lighting, we love working with business owners to help them find the right lighting solutions. Ceiling fans are an important part of any commercial setting, as they can help with lighting, comfort, and productivity.

Restaurants and Cafes

For eating establishments, ceiling fans add to the aesthetic while also keeping the building cool and comfortable. Multiple fans in a restaurant dining room can make the space more appealing, and outdoor fans for a cafe can improve any exterior seating area. Talk with our team today about which fans might be right for your business.

Office Buildings

Office buildings are often large, spacious properties, which can mean they require multiple ceiling fans per floor. Work areas, conference rooms, and front lobbies can all benefit from the right fan, and the accompanying light kits need to be the right fit for an office setting. Our showroom has plenty of fixtures that are ideal for offices, banks, and other large buildings.

Hotels and Hospitality

For the hospitality industry, fans are essential for both the aesthetic of the property and the comfort of guests. In a hotel, ceiling fans can often be found in the lobby, the event spaces, and every guest room. Our team of designers can help you choose the best products for every area, keeping in mind that you want consistency across your building in terms of fan style and size.

Why Buy Fans from a Lighting Showroom?

Ceiling fans are appliances, and they need to run efficiently and effectively for a long time. Buying from a big box store can have its advantages, but there are some drawbacks as well. You may not be able to find exactly what you need in terms of fan size or style, and the fan motor may not be powerful enough to move enough air.

When you shop for fans in a lighting showroom, you have access to a wider variety of higher-quality fixtures. The fans we offer can last more than 20 years, and if something should go wrong, they’re able to be repaired. With big box stores, it can be tough to find the proper parts for repairs, so you could be stuck buying another new fan after just a few years.

We carry fans from leading brands such as Minka Aire and Emerson, and you can count on them to be quiet and efficient. The cost per fan is similar to what you’ll find at a big box store, but at Madison Lighting, you’ll receive the expert assistance of our lighting and design team. We can help you size your new fans based on room dimensions and ceiling heights, and we’ll gladly provide guidance on style choices.