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Being Out There

We love the idea of being outside, so why don’t we spend more time out there? Most of us don’t have houses with deep terraces, huge patios and multi-leveled decks. We say, all the better! Make your space welcoming and inviting and it won’t cost the earth.

  1. Start with one thing you love. A fabric? Stretch it on some painters canvas stretchers and staple it to the back- you’ve just created the color-way and theme for your new space.
  2. Add some pillows or chair cushions from TJ Maxx home and pull some of the colors out of your fabric “art”.  Keep the pillows in a  big basket inside the door unless you get some made with Sunbrella…
  3. Get some lighting out there. We love moonlighting, the down-lights pinned up into the trees that sheds very soft light downward to give you gentle ambient light.
  4. Use chunky candles inside glass sleeves or hurricanes on the tables.
  5. Add a ceiling fan! Yup, an outdoor ceiling fan gently cools you, keeps the bugs away, and extends the time you’ll want to be outside! Be sure to find a ceiling fan for “damp” or “wet” locations depending on where you put  your new fan - screen porch is considered damp, on the deck is considered wet
  6. Use your outside walls: brick makes a beautiful backdrop for a sideboard you turn into a bar.
  7. Find some shade: an awning, a big umbrella, an arbor with fabric over the top… shade makes lingering outside a treat.
  8. Go simple with cheap chic, or go all out and create some classic elegance. Your outdoor space is an extension of your home and of you.