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Bathroom Lighting Design

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Keep your bathroom looking and feeling fresh with beautiful lighting design options! Make sure every space in your home feels welcoming and comfortable with new choices from Madison Lighting in Wisconsin!

Ready to change up your bathroom lighting? The team at Madison Lighting can help with a variety of options, including:

Ambient Fixtures

The first type of fixture you’ll want to consider for your bathroom will be the ambient lighting. This is one of the major design elements for spaces in your home, and is often the most important! The ambient fixture will be the main source of light in your bathroom, and it will set the overall mood of the space.

Since the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home, you want to choose a fixture that is the right size so it won’t get in the way. If your ceilings are above 10 feet, you can look into fixtures that will hang down into the space a bit, such as pendant lights or even chandeliers if your room will accommodate it!

If the ceiling in your bathroom is less than 10 feet tall, you may consider flush or semi-flush fixtures. This can include sconces for the ceilings or walls, which will cast a warm and welcoming feeling around the area. If these don’t fit your aesthetic, or if you simply don’t have space, you can also consider recessed lighting. This can be pointed at important areas, and at Madison Lighting, we carry a huge selection of finishes to match your home’s decor.

No matter what time of day it is, you want your ambient fixture to be able to help you see easily in the bathroom. The team at Madison LIghting is here to help you find fixtures that will make your home a comfortable place. Shop today to find more!

Accent Lighting

If you have accent lighting in your bathroom, it will be focused on bringing attention to the details of the space, and helping to create the atmosphere of your home. These lights won’t be the main source of light for the area, and even if your bathroom is not a large one, having one or two sconces or lamps strategically placed along the walls can completely change the way the room feels.

It is important to consider your daily uses of your bathroom as you pick accent lights. If you have furniture like small tables or stools that could get in the way of light fixtures, you may want to rearrange, or search for different fixtures that are more flush to the walls and ceilings. If you regularly use the bathroom early in the morning as your space to get ready, you may want just a simple lamp that you can turn on and off as you brush your teeth and take care of your daily routine as you make sure you’re ready to go. However, adding too many fixtures can make your bathroom feel overwhelming, so you will want to only utilize fixtures that add to the space and make it feel more welcoming.

Task Lighting

You will often be doing small tasks in your bathroom as part of your daily routine. If your vanity lighting isn’t quite enough to fill the rest of the space, you may consider some task lighting for this area. This can include bright recessed lights or bright lamps to help cast more light onto the places that you need it. Task lighting is designed to help you perform certain tasks more easily, and Madison Lighting has a huge selection of options to help brighten up your bathroom for the times that you need it!

Bathroom Decor

Consider how you’re using your mirror in your bathroom! If you have a large vanity, you’ll want to make sure it is illuminated properly. This will make it much easier as you shave, put on makeup, do your hair, and get yourself ready. If your mirror is dimly lit, it will make these tasks harder, and it can make the space feel cramped.

Mirrors also add a lot of texture to the bathroom, so you may consider adding one to another wall besides the main vanity. This one doesn’t have to be as well lit, and the reflective surface of a mirror makes the area feel larger than it actually is. The reflections can even cast light throughout the space more efficiently!

If you have artwork or interesting items in your bathroom, you can utilize accent lighting to bring attention to these details. Things like track lighting are a great way to give an item the focus it deserves. You may also choose a tabletop lamp that will help to accentuate the look and design of your house, while illuminating the little details of your bathroom

Choosing Your Lights

We’ve mentioned how finding the right lights for your home is important, but this can also be a troublesome process. If you find the right design, it may not match the size of your room, or it might not give off enough light for your entrance. We’ve discussed ceiling height already, but now we will look a bit further into some elements that will impact the lights you will be choosing for your bathroom.

An important factor when choosing lighting is the size of your room. Measure your bathroom to help figure out how much lighting you will need to provide to illuminate the whole area. A helpful way to figure out how much lighting wattage you’ll need for your bathroom is to use this formula: square footage times 1.5. So if you have a bathroom that is 10x10, your square footage is 100. Multiply that by 1.5, and you will want to start searching for an ambient fixture that can produce at least 150 watts of light.

Remember that each area of your home is different. You may love wall sconces throughout your home, but many bathrooms are too small to accommodate them without you or your guests constantly bonking heads on them. But Madison Lighting has you covered! With our flush or recessed lighting options, you can easily find a fixture that fits perfectly in your bathroom, will illuminate the whole space, and can match the design of the rest of your home.

Lighting Controls

Making the lighting in your bathroom easy to control is extremely helpful. This will allow you to adjust the lighting for daily usage, guests, or even the time of day. It is always a good idea to have separate switches for each fixture or set of fixtures so that you can use only the lights you need in each situation. If you are leaving for work or school and just need to freshen up, you may only need to turn on your accent lighting, but if you are bathing and going through your full morning routine, you will want your ambient fixture to provide you plenty of light.

You can also consider implementing smart lighting controls into your home’s bathroom. Depending on the lights and fixtures you choose, you can create new and exciting lightscapes for any occasion! You will be able to control individual fixtures or bulbs directly from connected smart devices like phones, tablets, or voice commands.

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