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Recessed Lighting Ideas

Another thing our Madison, Wisconsin post-war homes lack: recessed lighting. No home remodel or room refresh is complete without adding recessed lighting in the kitchen, family room, living room, home office or bath. Recessed lighting carries the bulk of a room’s lighting without invading or detracting from the room’s original style. Recessed lighting works with every design and style because it highlights the architectural and décor elements that are already there.

Consider the kitchen: recessed lighting illuminating your kitchen counter and your table imparts a major light source for tasks. Add under cabinet lighting to cast light onto the counter and you have those multiple light sources we mentioned. Layering light makes every task easier. Add a pendant or chandelier over the kitchen table (that spreads light out) to the recessed lighting (that showers light straight down) and you have both a spot to pay bills online, check the kid’s homework and dine in style. And use recessed lighting around the room to light your everyday life from conversations to cleaning.

In the dining room try adding recessed pinhole spot lights over each place setting and dim down the chandelier. The result is a spectacularly well lit tabletop in a quiet and sophisticated relaxed dining atmosphere.

In the bathroom, recessed lighting is ambient and anchors the layers of light: recessed lighting in the ceiling and over the shower and tub, wall lighting next to the mirror, accent lighting under the toe-kick of the cabinet. It’s this combination of light that makes a room so comfortable to use.

In the family room or living room recessed lighting gives you both ambient and accent lighting to layer with floor and table lamps. Recessed lights can be directional to draw attention to a fireplace or an interesting architectural feature. It can light a painting or piece of art. Recessed lighting here in the living and family rooms adds dimension and character to plain Jane, boxy rooms, makes them pleasant to spend time in, and it adds enough light to play Cranium with your friends.

Interestingly, visually pleasing lighting design is also reliant on what is not lit.  Evenly and/or over lit rooms have no definition, and can be visually boring and tiresome to our eyes.  It’s the variation between light and shadows that provide depth and atmosphere.  And recessed lighting, with its highly directional and focus ability is exactly the right tool to create that ambiance.

Hard to visualize? Here at Madison Lighting’s award winning showroom our Certified Lighting Specialists can demonstrate these techniques in our light labs and help you select the appropriate size fixtures, the trim, and the switches and dimmers you’ll need. And they’ll help you and your electrician with the correct placement of your recessed lights for optimum enjoyment and usefulness. The service is free and invaluable to our happy, satisfied customers.

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