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After a winter of cabin fever, we burst outside in summer. Morning coffee on the deck. Sweetcorn suppers on the porch. A glass of wine with the neighbors under the stars. There’s only one tiny little issue and after the rotten winter we just had I hate to even mention it. But, there are these Wisconsin summer days when the air does not move. It lays on us like a damp blanket, all stuffy and sticky. That air is so heavy the maestro chides us gently to be extra quiet at Madison’s Concerts on... Read More

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Summer is a breath away. A close, warm, and possibly humid breath. Bedrooms get so stuffy in summer, don’t they?! At a time of day when I want to sleep comfortably on cool sheets, windows open, crickets chirping, I get restless sleep and wake up to close the windows and turn the AC on. Crabby? You got it! 

So many of our customers stand in our showroom and recount a similar refrain. I get it. We wait for summer for what, 8 months? We want to enjoy it and a ceiling fan in the bedroom... Read More

Sometimes in the evening when we are out walking our dog, we’ll circle back on a path that leads us to our front door. Last fall we swapped out the carriage lights at our front door and added a post light on the curving walk that leads to the entrance from the driveway. It’s funny what a change those new lights make to the curb appeal. They are a bit larger than the old ones. Less like an afterthought and more like a gentle beacon.

It all sounds pretty grand. I assure you our 1950... Read More

It’s on every blog, every beauty website, and even in the newest issue of House Beautiful where Sophie Donelson, Editor in Chief of House Beautiful says: With sleep, self-care, meditation and mindfulness headlining the news, the time is right to slow down and reinvent even the most mundane facets of your life. Think small…” I think she’s referring to the bath. It’s a ritual so many have gone back to in an effort to quiet the mind. How many messages do we get in a single day? TV and radio,... Read More

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It’s with pure joy I write this post- it’s the spring equinox! The last, long, cold, grey days of winter are past and we’re getting lighter and brighter every day. I love light and there’s something about spring’s sparkling light that’s especially dear. It’s clear and soft, and it makes me want to buy fresh flowers and replace my throw pillows in those amazing new shades of purple so trendy this year. This year there’s another trend that instantly updates: glass and gold lighting, like this... Read More

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If you love the beaches when you travel, from Hawaii to California, and Maine to Door County, you’ve probably brought the beach home with you. We saw that coastal living trend last year in décor and lighting. This season, we’re riding a wave that’s making the beach life all American. Simple, natural elements, without the tchotchkes that clutter every beach condo and hotel room.

There’s a rustic luxe in this beach house that feels relaxed but not careworn. Where little bare feet get... Read More

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What a rush. After a decade of banishing brass and most gold-toned lighting from every house and condo, we’re seeing gorgeous gold finishes rise like the sun. Finally! I have come to think that regardless of trend if you love a color you’ll want to live with it. And not every color works well with the chrome and nickel craze we’ve experienced for more than 15 years. And there’s the bronze metals trend, but here too, not every color responds to bronze.

I think what broke our allegiance... Read More

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One of the prettiest rooms I have ever seen was a lush living room in a luxury apartment. In the heart of Palm Beach, Florida, the monochromatic room was done in a shade I could only call cantaloupe. Upholstered walls. A touch of gold metal in the lighting and accessories. And yet it was not ostentatious. It was breathtaking. Talk about the deft hand of a designer. The room was a masterpiece, loaded with lessons for a woman that loves light.

Monochromatic rooms are a big thing now.... Read More

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From Coco Chanel’s effortless chic to the ultra-modern Euro kitchen, the Black and White trend fascinates us. In 2018 this trend comes roaring in like a sleek black cat with an attitude. Interiors continue to be stripped of clutter but never lose the charm. Like the handmade fixture featured in this photo from our friends at Hubbarton Forge in Vermont. Seriously. “Duet” is handmade, in a forge, in picturesque Vermont. Somehow knowing that you can bring home a piece of art... Read More

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Pantone’s colors for 2018 are called “TECH-nique,” a palette that pays homage to technology. Colors include bright blue, green, fuchsia, and purple, which are complemented by iridescent tones of turquoise and hot pink, white, and frosted almond. At the center of the palette is Ultraviolet their 2018 color of the year.

A huge and fresh trend, we’re seeing shades of purple from soft luminous plum on walls to deep velvety purple on a sofa. For those living on the cutting edge of color we... Read More


The media would have us think that holidays are about packages with ribbons and bows, hot chocolate, brightly striped candy canes and Santa. Yes, there are the old and somehow comforting traditions, but I think the holidays I remember best are the ones with surprises. Like the box that arrived early, stuffed with grandma’s much-prized hand knit wool mittens. Or the time the parents pulled out sleds and saucers on a holiday afternoon and took flight with us. The TV was forgotten, phones left... Read More

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Part One

The 2018 Color of the Year was just announced and its “Gold Rush,” a glitzy champagne gold that warms up a room like a sunrise in July. But we don’t think of it as big news here because we have already seen lighting in gold, champagne and brass finishes igniting rooms with a chic note. Paired with former award-winning colors like velvety navy and deep moss green in décor, gold finishes give the room a fresh appeal. As we turn the corner into the holidays, gold finished lighting for the... Read More

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We’re in the kitchen again! The temps cool down, the kids go back to school, and the urge to cook comforts like a mug of cider with a cinnamon stick. Now that you’re spending more time in the kitchen the soul of your home might need a mini-makeover. And we suggest you start with lighting. Lighting is a fashion statement and when it’s trend is over, turn the page. Make your kitchen a fun space that you’ll love. Here’s a trend you’ll love.

Was it Sophia Vergara that started the trend... Read More


Lovin’ summer in south central Wisconsin. We really shine in the heat of summer with cookouts, deck-time, and sleeping with the windows open. Of course when it gets really hot there’s always the air conditioner. But what if you could sleep with the windows open and still be comfortable in a Wisconsin heat wave?

It can be done with the right ceiling fan in your bedroom. Before you buy one there are a few things to consider. So, when you dump a fan in the cart while you’re at the big... Read More

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Appliance shopping. Remember when you bought your cooktop? How would it fold into the vision you have for your kitchen? And, how about the grate? Is the cooktop easy to maintain? What will it be like living with it and using it several times every single day?

That’s exactly what its like shopping for a ceiling fan. Because a ceiling fan is actually an appliance built to run reliably for years and years. How will it fold into the vision you have of the room? Does it add an element of... Read More

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Bringing the comfort of materials from nature into your home is not to denied! Collecting shells, beautiful river stone, and even sea glass, well, we can all relate. In the last few years, artisans have begun to craft home décor of materials found in nature and we find these items fly off our showroom floor. In 2017, lighting design has brought this craft to a new level with a trend riding a tidal wave, Organic Glam. It’s earth inspired with a modern chic. Designs incorporate textures and... Read More

Modern Farmhouse? Like that’s a trend! A crazy oxymoron? Not at all. This trend is big from coast to coast. The Farmhouse is all about Americana, from a screen door that snaps shut to galvanized steel light fixtures. Some our first social media photos at Madison Lighting were taken in a fabulous barn rehab with soaring ceilings and skylights, deep country upholstery and rag rugs.

Now, here comes the clash of modern with farmhouse, a spring breeze blowing away the tchotchkes. Like a... Read More

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A customer told me last week that she was done with the baked potato look. I looked puzzled so she continued. “I love a neutral room but I’m restless, kind of thirsty for color!” She came to the right place. Our showroom is brimming with gorgeous home décor from framed art to interesting objects, and of course, pillows. We’ve infused color because, well frankly, Madison could be the greyest town on the planet this time of year. And the rest of the year, too. Take a beautiful family room with... Read More

If you love discovering new places, and the fabric of their everyday life, chances are you’ve thought of a trip to Stockholm. I know I have. The beauty of a modern city, that looks like a classical painting from some vantage points, is simply intriguing. It’s that confluence of old and new, mid-century modern and old European luxury, that is just intriguing. Pickled floors, silvery soft-colored walls, elegant woodwork, and stunning lighting. How do they brighten up at home? After all, living... Read More

Gathering family together? It’s what we do. Family suppers, in the kitchen on a weeknight, after soccer and before homework, we talk about our day. Sometimes the kids are bubbling with chatter and sometimes I wonder if they’ll conk out before we clear the dishes.  But one thing is constant; even the littlest family member looks forward to our family suppers. I think it’s because we are all equal at that table- an old farm table that came from Grandma’s house. The chairs are kinda comfy, and... Read More