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How We Help

The design process can be daunting, and if, as one customer recently said, you are missing that chip, it can be downright intimidating. We asked our certified lighting specialists how they best help customers through the design process.

Danielle - "How do you use your space?" It’s hard to begin your plan when you don’t have a clue where to start. Check out shelter magazines, Internet sites like HOUZZ and Pinterest, and save photos that strike a chord with you. See any similarities? Take photos of your spaces with your phone or iPad. Compare them with photos of spaces you love. Do you need to increase the lighting in some areas? Do the materials, lamps, and fixtures work together or fight with each other? Bring your pictures and your questions and we’ll talk through how you use your space and how we can make it better.

Mary Ellen - "Make an Appointment." The design process can overwhelm you. Lots of ideas? That’s good. As we get to know each other we can work our way through those ideas, uncover those that will work in your space, and let go of others. If you’re looking for a lamp, or a complete lighting makeover, we’ll be ready for you.

April -  "Visit Us."  We all love shopping online. But sometimes you need to touch, to see a fixture close up, then stand back and imagine it in your home. We have created spaces online to make shopping fun, where you can look, learn, and compare products. And in our showroom we’ve done that and more. We use color, texture, trends, proportion, and technology to help you in your design process. A trip to our showroom is always enlightening.

Lovisa -  "Finish a project, start another." The fun and the challenge in designing living spaces is incorporating flexibility. At the same time we’re creating a space our needs are changing, we’re growing into a new phase with young children, or another phase as empty nesters. We work with many customers as new projects evolve over the years and enjoy the process as much as they do.

Tom - "Life Online."  As our company evolves we find that many customers prefer to shop online. We’ve created a shopping experience for you to make shopping for lighting online a bit easier. With over 80,000 items you’ll find the fixture you’ve been searching for, learn how to size a ceiling fan to your space, and better understand how technology is changing the way we see things. The best part is, we’re here if you have questions as you order online, want a fixture you can hang tonight (we have about 10,000 of the fixtures you see online already in our showroom and warehouse) or simply prefer to do business locally.