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Best Ceiling Fans Facts

Humid. Hot. Stuffy. The air in your Wisconsin home craves a ceiling fan, doesn’t it? Question is what will you choose? Madison Lighting has 9 brands of the best ceiling fans including Minka Aire and Emerson. There’s a fan in every style, finish, and price range for every room in your house, and for rooms outside your house.

A ceiling fan is an appliance really. Built to run, it has a motor that pushes the air down in summer and pulls air up (mixing it with warmer) air in winter. The effect? Comfort. Energy savings. Style. Replace a flush mount or semi flush mount ceiling fixture with a ceiling fan, and add a light if you need it.

Why not buy a ceiling fan in a big box store and be done with it? Several reasons. Here are our Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Big-Box Store Ceiling Fans.

  1. A ceiling fan is an appliance that’s built to run 24/7/365. Tough to find that kind of quality in a big-box store. It requires a good motor that pushes air so well that it actually cools a room without using air conditioning. This saves you energy and affords you a lot of comfort in the house in hot weather. That same ceiling fan motor in a Wisconsin winter will pull cold air up from the floor mixing it with warmer air near the ceiling simply by flipping a switch at the change of the season. The difference in comfort is amazing without ever touching the thermostat. There’s a proper motor size for every use. And the right size motor will deliver comfort to your rooms for many years. If a problem does occur the housing can be accessed and repairs made, right here at Madison Lighting.
  2. The proportion of your fan is also important. Visually a large room needs a larger fan, or sometimes two fans and big-box stores are not known for their selection. The size of the fan must coordinate with your volume of space to move all of the air and keep you comfy. There’s a handy chart of this right here.
  3. The single most common complaint we hear from those that bought a big box store fan? They can be noisy.
  4. The Big-Box store ceiling fans have motors that are undersized and built of plastic parts. The housing is sealed so they cannot be repaired. The parts wear quickly from straining to move the air. These ceiling fans end up in a landfill.
  5. The blades on a Big-Box store fan may not be well balanced causing the fan to sort of “thunk” every few seconds and the sound drives the homeowner crazy. A quality fan is a quiet fan.

You’d think that a quality ceiling fan from Madison Lighting would be really expensive. Yes, the best ceiling fans do cost a little more, but you get a whole lot more when you invest a little in quality.

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